RVs and overlanding or expedition vehicles are complex projects that require perfectly matching components. Depending on the base vehicle and its proposed use, individual solutions need to be set out for the RV box and it's internal components.


BoXmanufaktur produces high quality, individually planned aluminum or FRP composite panel kits and fully assembled RV boxes of superior craftsmanship - made in Germany.


Our experienced team has in-house vacuum and hydraulic presses (up to 14.80 m) for the production of composite panels, doors and hatches.


Typical wall, ceiling and floor thicknesses are 38, 50, 59 and100 mm. On request, we can also produce thinner composite panels of 10-30 mm and honeycomb panels for raised floors, interior walls or extremely light composite RV boxes to save weight.


Doors, windows and hatches will be incorporated in the planning process and can be precisely cut out with our CNC machines.


For the assembly, we use suction lifters to put the pre-cut composite panels in place and connect them almost inextricably with 2K industrial adhesives.