Despite restrictive dimensions, the BoXmanufaktur Lift-Box offers the feeling of spaciousness usually reserved for significantly larger vehicles. Since the queen-sized bed is designed into the upper part of the vehicle, there is plenty of space for a cozy living room downstairs.


As with all our boxes, different lengths, wall thicknesses and laminates / surfaces are available for the Lift-Box.


The integrated aluminum or steel frame in the floor panel with connecting points for the suspension and optimal stiffness, as well as the reinforced rear wall to attach a rear carrier or moving platform are included in the price.


A full range of doors, windows, hatches and skylights is available at prices tailored to your requirements.














Legal notice:


Because of a patent on the lift box technology, we can not offer our boxmanufaktur lift boxes in North America. Please contact us for more information and our partnership with global X vehicles for this product category.