FRP and Aluminum Profiles


In theory, BoXmanufaktur composite RV boxes could be bonded rigidly and permanently without additional FRP or aluminum edge profiles. However, it is necessary to cover open cut surfaces and we offer a large variety of FRP and aluminum corner profiles with either 90° corners or a radius.


If you require high impact protection, BoXmanufaktur supplies an extremely stable and durable 4 mm corner profile.


For additional rigidity or stability, we can also mount FRP or aluminum profiles to the inside edges of the box.


Should you prefer to connect the composite panels with a mechanical system in addition to our high quality PU adhesives, we offer a wide range of connection profiles made of FRP or aluminum.


Aluminum sheet reinforcements, FRP or aluminum rectangular profiles, rigid foam and BoXmanufaktur X1 plastic material can be pressed into the composite panels to create high- tensile mountings for frames, awnings or solar panels.