FRP- and Aluminum Composite Panels


BoXmanufaktur produces high quality FRP and aluminum composite panels in different wall thicknesses (10 - 150 mm) and a variety of laminates (0.8 - 3 mm). Our extremely durable and highly insulating panels have PU or XPS foam cores. We bond the materials with high quality PU adhesives under high pressure.


Choosing between FRP or aluminum composite panels is a philosophy of its own and a decision to be made by each individual customer.


Basically, BoXmanufaktur’s FRP composite panels can be easily repaired, offer good UV protection and are resistant to rotting and corrosion - a highly beneficial feature for the underbody area. FRP is resistant against light blows and hail because it is more flexible than aluminum. FRP is also hygienic and commonly used for food transportation vehicles.


Aluminum sandwich panels have smooth surface, are stiff and offer better protection against lightning strikes. Depending upon the surface finish, furnishings can be secured directly with rivets or screws.


Laminated metal frames in the floor panel allow the cabin to be assembled directly onto the vehicle frame. A floor heating system can also be integrated.


Pipes and cable ducts can be incorporated into the walls and ceiling as well as reinforcements in the back wall for a rear carrier.


Floor coverings made of PVC or linoleum can be incorporated in the pressing process. Liquid PU coatings are available in many colors with a non-slip surface.