New Builds, Repairs, Floor Plan Changes and Upgrades


BoXmanufaktur is your partner for high-quality custom RV boxes and box kits as well as premium RVs and expedition vehicles with modern interior designs and state-of-the-art utilities and gear.


Each BoXmanufaktur expedition vehicle or RV is designed and built in close cooperation with the owner. BoXmanufaktur uses top of the range materials for the interior fittings, electric system and plumbing.


We offer a wide range of specially configured products to make the finished vehicle as unique as its owner.


Our experienced team can also assist with interior or component repairs, upgrades and floor plan changes.


The BoXmanufaktur team will assist you with all kinds of repairs to your FRP or aluminum composite box.


We are specialized at replacing windows, hatches and doors with high quality products from reputable European brands.


BoXmanufaktur has its own design department and offers interior design services and system upgrade support.