Composite RV Boxes


Each BoxManufaktur custom composite RV box is developed and manufactured in close cooperation with the customer.


BoXmanufaktur produces pre-fabricated kits for DIY projects or fully assembled boxes. On request, we also manufacture the subframe / suspension and assemble the complete unit on the chassis.


BoXmanufaktur composite RV boxes are available in almost any wall, ceiling and floor thickness. We also provide wall reinforcements and

cut-outs for doors, windows and skylights.


As we produce our panels in-house, we are able to implement FRP or aluminum profiles for doors and hatches or metal frames into the floor. This increases stability and minimizes the construction height. Reinforcements for a rear carrier, awnings, floor rails or seat belt systems can also be implemented in the panel production process.


For the edges and corners, we have a variety of FRP and aluminum profiles.


For optimal stiffness, we recommend some interior walls and furniture components also be manufactured from composite panels. We are happy to plan the interior with you, even if you decide to build the interior of the vehicle yourself.


Custom-made underfloor storage boxes, roof bars and rear lift solutions round off the overall look and feel of the vehicle and provide additional storage space.