The BoXmanufaktur Alcove-Box concept provides an excellent basis for family, long-term journey, and expedition vehicles.


The alcove accommodates either a fixed double bed across its width or two single beds in the direction of travel. This option offers comfortable twin beds and leaves space in the rear for a cozy round sofa. The alcove height can be tailored individually.


For families we offer bunk and lift beds, generously proportioned seating areas, family sized bathrooms and kitchens as well as large garages with a lowered/retractable floor.


The Alcove-Box is available up to 14.8 m in length and with a variety of wall thicknesses and facings.


The Alcove-Box is offered as an FRP or aluminum composite box and is available either fully assembled or as a self-build kit.



For an additional charge, steel frame and/or empty pipes and cable ducts can be integrated into the walls and floor during the vacuum pressing process. An optional double floor for installing water tanks, batteries, and different floor heating solutions is available. This will optimize weight distribution and improve frost resistance.


A full range of doors, windows, hatches and skylights is available at prices tailored to your requirements.